In an increasingly globalized world, the demand for traceability, security, and transparency in the marketplace continues to grow.

In light of these changes, companies are confronted with a variety of challenges :

  • Supply chain logistics in production
  • Contamination errors
  • Inability to track a product for the entire duration of its life cycle
  • Returning damaged product
  • Inefficient data research
  • Management of distribution circuits
Glass’in® provides a solution to actively fight against fraud and counterfeiting :

  • Unit grafts are invisible, permanent, unique, and tamperproof
  • Other visible identifiers become decoys for counterfeiters
  • Glass’in® is easier to read than laser etchings, it doesn’t fade like classic inkjet, and it doesn’t peel off like a label
  • Glass’in® helps fight fraud by establishing a well-managed, secured system for unit tracking.

Wine & Spirits

Glass’in® allows you to track your product immediately after bottling and follow it throughout its entire cycle of use.

For food safety and security, the traceability of product is essential, especially for bottling services or wineries bottling their own product.

Glass’in® permanently marks the bottle without affecting its visual appearance. Further, Glass’in® can mark and trace bottles without interfering with corking or any other winemaking processes.

Click the image to see Glass’in’s process at work in the champagne industry.
With computer processing and tracking, the Glass’in® system can locate stored and/or delivered batches of product in case of transit problems. Glass’in® can thus be used to authenticate the product from start to finish.

This secure printing system limits the unnecessary disposal of considerable amounts of stock, therefore avoiding cost and commercial damages.

Glass’in® makes it possible to effectively prevent fraud and counterfeiting by establishing efficient and secure unit tracking and management.


The traceability of pharmaceutical drugs is subject to strict requirements and regulations.

To meet this criteria, pharmaceutical industries are constantly researching new ways to guarantee precise tracking and identification of their products. Athéor is at the forefront in research to meet these needs.

The problems in pharmaceutical labeling and tracking lie not only within the production process, but within the physical constraints of the label as well.

In order to trace numerous vials leaving production lines each year, their labels must withstand resistance to alcohol, intense heat and pressure from autoclave chambers, and still retain their legibility.

Glass’in® can be applied during any point of the conditioning cycle without risk of altering the contents, and can even prevent cross contamination.

Better still, Glass’in® can distinguish an original product from a counterfeit one, enhancing quality control. With its own reader system, Glass’in® is precise and clear to decipher.


The cosmetic industry is particularly vulnerable to counterfeiting and parallel markets. Having worked with some of the largest international cosmetic companies in the world, Athéor offers solutions to properly identify and authenticate beauty products to protect both brands and consumers.

As a part of its continuous search for new and innovative ideas, Athéor now offers a new solution for identifying products: Glass’in®, a unique and tamperproof product identifier. Athéor’s patented Glass’in® technology makes it possible to graft and encapsulate optically active compounds directly onto glass surfaces.

It works with and inkjet graft, activated by UV light and then decoded by an optical reader.

Serialization is not required. Glass’in® allows unit identification of glass bottles that is invisible and tamperproof.Glass’in® does not affect the product’s aesthetic. With Glass’in® technology process, the cosmetic industry can work together to control its distribution networks in a uniform way.

Other mediums

Glass’in® ink adheres to all forms of glass, even natural obsidian glass. It can also, however, be applied to metal materials such as tin or aluminum.

Due to Glass’in® adhesive qualities, unique molecular structure, and the team’s profound expertise in chemistry, Athéor can track a crystal vase or tempered glass windows equally as well as products in aluminum or oxidized metal. Many different industries could benefit from product traceability such as :

  • Automotive and Aeronautic industries
  • Construction and building engineering
  • Food industry
  • Chemical industry
Athéor has the solution for tracking product in the world of metal:

  • Labeling of car parts (exhaust pipes, hoses, bodywork…)
  • Labeling of metal beams, welded mesh…
Athéor prides itself in its ability to react, adapt, and integrate the newest technological developments into its grafting and printing processes.

Always attentive to the wants and needs of diverse industries, Athéor is eager to offer the most advanced solutions to its clients.

Clients can therefore rest assured that Athéor will offer continuous traceability solutions with up to date equipment. The team at Athéor makes every effort to ensure their clients’ trust and confidence.

It’s better product traceability for better business.

Thanks to their innovative glass grafting technique, Athéor® is the expert in unit traceability and authentication

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